SIX THETA® design

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About Six Theta® Robust design: 


SIX THETA® design – Achieving predictability

Predictable performance of products has significant benefits, both when it comes to customer satisfaction and to production and assembly costs.

Based on the discipline Robust Design, Valcon Design has developed a new product development framework, Six Theta® design, which provides a supplementary way of achieving predictability.

Six Theta® design comprises concrete construction tools and techniques, calculation methods and management tools that help improve mechanical design with focus on both the overall conceptual design architecture and the smallest component details. It enables the engineer, project manager and top manager to achieve maximum predictability in the design from development to production.

Focus is in particular on the early- stage design. Before going into detailed design, Six Theta® design ensures that whatever solution concept is generated is predictable in performance in tests and when on market, thus minimising costly iterations. The objective is to design products and components that perform inherently predictably with consequently significant advantages when it comes to tolerance requirements and material utilisation.

The Six Theta® design methodology helps provide design of components and assemblies that ensure optimum product functionality at all times with fewer requirements to tolerances and loads in use.

Valcon Design has also developed the so-called Predictability Index®, which measures design quality of any given product or component in a fully objective way. Results are: cost reductions, increased reliability, increased performance and increased production efficiency with fewer and more controllable efforts from development to production.