How we implement Six Theta® in your organisation

In accordance with our three services, task force, production and training and certification, there are different means by which we can implement Six Theta® in your organisation. 

Task force

If your company is struggling with a particular product, we have highly competent and Six Theta®-certified engineers who can help you develop a compliant product design. We send out our engineers for longer or shorter periods for small or large assignments. This includes cross-border assignments. You will experience that our engineers are completely dedicated to helping make a solution that performs better in the market and to speeding up the process of a feasible product development.


Product and technology

In Valcon Design, we make our own productions designed for customers and patent them when they are ready for production for you to take over. Your company will experience that very little or no adjustment is needed after adopting the final solution.


Training and certification

As our third service, we offer training and certification in the Six Theta® method taught by our highly specialised consultants. We have the capacity of training very large organisations but are always glad to help smaller ones too. The training programme is for organisations who are ready to adapt to a new method as an organisation for it to become more ambidextrous due to release of resources and thereby possibilities of investing in exploration and exploitation. We are not constrained by physical boundaries; we gladly travel to spread the method worldwide.