Robust Design Day 2016 at the Technical University of Denmark

It was indeed a very interesting day at the Technical University of Denmark on Thursday the 22nd of September at Robust Design Day 2016 combining theory with practice in having both great presentations and exercises! A great thanks to Thomas Howard and the whole team for a very well-orchestrated event with highly relevant presenters as well as participants!

Tolerances - Six Theta® app available at Google Play

We are happy to announce that our new app, Tolerances - Six Theta®, is now on Google Play and is thus available for Android users. It is meant as a tool that helps engineers with tolerance calculations. Feel free to download. The corresponding app for iOS will follow shortly.

Six Theta® diploma award ceremony at the Technical University of Denmark

Every year about hundred students from the Technincal University of Denmark are graduating in the course Robust Design of Products and Mechanics. The course teaches engineering students how to make designs with low tolerance demands and a high degree of predictability. The enthusiasm of the course is considerable; the response from students of the course is typically that the course is actually teaching them how to make good designs.

Students of the Robust Design Products and Mechanics course are taught Six Theta® design methods.

Valcon Design has decided to award a small group of students who have excelled at the Robust Design of Products and Mechanics course with a Six Theta® graduate certificate compatible with the introduction certificate. Six Theta® design has all in all four levels of expertise and the graduate certificate gives access to build on top with higher levels of certification. The certification thus gives students a proof of expertise in the Six Theta® design method.

The Robust Design of Products and Mechanics course is planned and implemented by lector Thomas J. Howard and has run from 2013 at the Technical University of Denmark in cooperation with the Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk and Valcon Design.

We congratulate the students with the award!